Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting and contributing to this blog, which has been edited by Melina and her friends Camille, Sergi and Bertrand. Although London-based while curating this blog, we’re originally from Stockholm in Sweden, Lille and Paris in France and Girona in Spain.

Our blog highlighted some of the wonderful discoveries that are still being uncovered on the Go Find It map, where you can still explore and pin cool places. The blog is still open, so feel free to browse through the tags and read posts that you might have missed first time around.

The Go Find It map celebrates the spirit of fun, discovery and adventure that characterises the Ford Ka. And it’s still going strong – featuring thousands of pinned locations – from street art that you might normally walk straight past to the latest hip and funky venues, right across Europe.

So next time you’re out and about, use the Go Find It map to get around. You just might be amazed what you can discover when you look deeper.

Thank you everyone for popping by and do keep finding and sharing hidden gems out there!

Melina and the blog team